Tooth Extractions

There are many reasons why a tooth might need to be extracted, some might include:

  • Caries (cavity)

  • Periapical abscess

  • Infected tooth

  • Periodontitis (bone loss around a tooth)

  • Cracked or fractured tooth

  • Planned heart or joint surgery where problem teeth indicated for extraction

Based on your medical history and your preferences (on being awake or sedated), we will go over your options during your consultation. We can usually perform the surgery that day if you wish. For your comfort we have multiple options on how we can perform your surgery:

  • Local anesthesia (numbing injections)

  • Oral sedation (pill)

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

  • Conscious sedation

  • IV moderate/deep sedation

  • General anesthesia

We will also discuss with you and your dentist how the area will addressed after the extractions to help formulate your treatment; meaning will the tooth/teeth be replaced by implants, bridge, partial/flipper, denture, or nothing at all.