Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

The preparation of your mouth before the placement of a denture (or prosthesis) is referred to as pre-prosthetic surgery. Some patients require minor oral surgical procedures before receiving a partial or complete denture, in order to ensure the maximum level of comfort and stability.

Since a dental prosthetic sits atop the bone ridge, that surface needs to be smooth. It must be of the proper shape and size. Pre-prosthetic surgery can be employed to mold the bone into the proper shape. Such procedures can include:

  • Torus/Tori removal

  • Tuberosity reduction

  • Alveoplasty

  • Removal of excess gum tissue

​​​​​​​Pre-prosthetic surgery procedures are accomplished in complete comfort at our office. Dr Shadi and Dr. vahedi will discuss surgical and anesthetic options with you during your consultation appointment.