IV Sedation/General Anesthesia

As oral and maxillofacial surgeons we are not only well versed and trained in all aspects of oral surgery but we receive specific training in anesthesia. During our hospital residency training we receive 4-6 months of dedicated anesthesia training which we function side by side with anesthesiologists and nurse-anesthetists to provide anywhere from mild/conscious sedation to complete general anesthesia. This in addition to the 3 years of IV sedation training performing routine oral surgery during our residency. It is very common during our anesthesia training to provide general anesthesia day-in and day-out for not only oral surgery but many other surgical specialties (orthopedic surgery, general surgery, plastic/reconstructive surgery, neurosurgery, GI/GU surgery, etc). With this training are become very comfortable with airway management, IV sedatives, inhalational anesthetics, and cardio-pulmonary monitoring.

We bring our experience and training to our office providing a safe and controlled environment for all your anesthesia needs:

  • Local anesthesia (numbing injections)

  • Oral conscious sedation

  • Nitrous oxide “laughing gas”

  • Mild to moderate “twilight” sedation

  • IV sedation/general anesthesia

Please be aware that there are a few continuing education (CE) courses that dental providers take a week-end or week long course on IV sedation or “sleep dentistry”. For your safety and your loved ones, do your homework to find out the training and experience of your providers.

We will have a pre-operative assessment with detailed discussion regarding medical history, medications, allergies, and previous surgeries. In addition, we will discuss what options you are interested in and what methods would be most appropriate for your surgical needs to keep you comfortable.