Full Mouth Reconstruction

A reconstruction of the mouth strives to remove all of your tooth decay, old fillings, and old dental crowns while improving your bite position. Everyone’s anatomy and jaw movements are different so everyone needs a different bite position to idealize their health and comfort.

Your dentist will remove all of your old dental work such as crowns, fillings, and porcelain veneers, and replace them with new dental work designed to create the new bite. This treatment should clean up any tooth decay or infection and improve your oral health.

Zygomatic Implants

Many denture wearers have been told that they are not candidates for dental implants due to a lack of bone in the upper jaw. There is now a graftless surgical approach to restore their teeth with implants in the upper jaw with zygomatic implants.

Zygoma implants (or Zygomatic implants) are different from traditional dental implants. Traditional dental implants are anchored in the jaw bone. Zygoma implants go through the upper sinus and are anchored into the dense cheekbone. Generally, one zygoma implant is placed on each side with an additional 2-4 implants in the front part of the upper jaw.

One of the main goals of these types of dental implants is to provide a secure foundation for people with deteriorated jaws who have not been able to get traditional dental implants. This graftless procedure dramatically shortens the time to place permanent teeth for increased patient satisfaction and allows patients with severely resorbed maxillae to return to a normal quality of life.

This technique, which is available at Wilshire Oral Surgery and Implant Center, represents an alternative for aesthetic, masticatory, and functional rehabilitation of patients with severe maxillary bone loss.

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